Here are some videos for perusal...

End of Rebonds B from Xenakis at the Atonal X100 Festival at Kraftwerk in Berlin 2022. Cool place to play the piece.

Steedy, somewhere between minimalism and rag time.

Taken from a live stream concert of the Unerhörte Musik series from May of 2020 from the BKA in Berlin.

Berlin PianoPercussion concert in Konzerthaus Berlin: Sawami Kiyoshi and I playing Eutropia by Andre Bartetzki in January of 2020. It is one of the few pieces where the video reacts to the sound. My favorite part is 1:22 - 3:20.




And one of my all time favorites, Zyklus by Stockhausen




Check out the middle of the next one for some adaroll technique, one handed marimba roll.



And why not, one of my favorite pieces, Weiss / Weisslich 31e by Peter Ablinger



And naturally Tom Johnson's Nine Bells



As well as the start of Nine Bells